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Throughout history people have constructed monuments in reverence of those who have gone before them.

To help you immortalise your cherished memories in a manner that will last into the future, our team at FNQ All Stone Memorials understand this process and have the proven knowledge of our Cairns stone monument products, as well as 20 years of local industry experience.

We are proficient at guiding our clients through what is often one of the most emotional times of their lives. Knowing that your vision is treated with respect, empathy and honour is as important to us, as it is to you. That is part of the process that is highly regarded as we work with you to meet and exceed your expectations with compassion and patience.

Granite, marble and other materials

When designing and making our Cairns stone monuments products, we source the highest quality granite, marble, ceramics and other materials suitable for your individual needs. We are highly experienced and competent in sculpting the materials we use to the highest standard for your vision, design and satisfaction.

We also recognise that whether you are looking for something unique, simple or complex, you will need the right advice and product for the environment. We also take into account the design and size of the finished monument, and we ensure that you will be entirely satisfied with the end product before we begin.

Skilled tradesmen making granite monuments for Far North Queensland

Understanding the environment is as important as any other part of the project, and local knowledge of the weather and earth in combination with the heavy materials used in construction is a key aspect of installation.

When designing and making our Cairns stone monument granite products in Far North Queensland, whether off-site during production, or on-site during installation, you can rest assured that, in the care of a local specialised tradesman, your monument will carry into the future as a truly lasting memorial.

black gravestone with two black urns
gone but not forgotten brown gravestone

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Cairns Stone Monuments FAQs

Many people do not take this into consideration when planning a Cairns stone monument or memorial. It depends on the type of memorial as to how long it should be left. Obviously in the lawn cemetery, the infrastructure is already in place and all that remains to be done is the plaque.

For a beam memorial, the same applies as there is only a headstone to be designed and placed at the site. For both a full slab grave and for a vault it is advisable to leave the plot for approximately 12 months. It can be done a little sooner, but certainly not less than 6 months.