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Funerary Art

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Funerary art is exhibited either artistically or as symbols as well as in a variety of materials. It is used to reflect the life and character of the commemorated. Our armed servicemen and women have war memorials. Our loved ones may have, for example, simple plaques, headstones through to complex and ornate mausoleums, ornamental urns, crosses, stars and flowers. Some memorial art and adornments meet cultural and religious requirements. Others simply reflect the family wishes and the life of the loved one. Funerary art encompasses many aspects of design including colours, patterns, sculptures, script, text, photos, pictures and carvings. These are embedded into the memorial.

Whether the design is simple or complex, the understanding and knowledge of the materials to use to withstand the weather conditions of Cairns and Far North Queensland is integral. You may not have considered this and as such, consultation with Sam, a professional stonemason, is essential in making the best decisions regarding funerary art.

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Some people know exactly what they require whilst others need guidance to help them reach a decision. Sam and Melissa will make that process uncomplicated and seamless. Their extensive knowledge gained through experience and knowledge of the local environment will assist and support clients in their choices of funerary art.
gravestone fish carving design
RASO gravestone with fishing pole and fish art design

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Funerary Art FAQs

It is definitely possible to have more personalised funerary art. Funerary art includes the print style, photos or any other imaging that you may want. Some clients like to incorporate features that reflect the interests or the character of their loved one. For example they may have been a very keen FNQ fisherman, so imagery of fish and fish on rods could be used; they may have been a dancer so a dancing ballerina could be used.

These could be flat on the headstone or they may be three dimensional pieces. Of course the more elaborate these items are, the more expensive it becomes. Nevertheless, more personalised funerary art is definitely available – simple or complex.