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A headstone commemorates the life of a loved one whether it be large or small or more decorative and ornate. At FNQ All Stone Memorials, we will work with you to make this process as stress free as possible.

Confer with your family and Sam and Melissa to develop a design for the headstone so that it will reflect the life and character of your loved one.

We prefer the use of granite for headstones as it is able to withstand quite extreme environmental conditions such as the heat and humidity that Cairns and FNQ can experience.

Our quality workmanship combines skills in masonry with precise inscription. There is a wide range of styles of script (fonts) as well as products used for the inscription e.g. enamel and gold. We are also able to incorporate photos into your design. These are treated so that they will endure the prevailing environmental conditions. Examples of these can be seen in the photo gallery.

With more than 20 years experience, we want to assure you that by investing in granite headstones Cairns from us, you will be creating a sturdy, appropriate and lifetime memorial to your loved one.

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Headstones Cairns FAQs

The most straightforward of these is the beam as it consists only of a headstone. Headstones in Cairns are most commonly granite, designed according to the client’s wishes. This is the least expensive choice.
The full slab is more expensive as the whole grave is covered. It has a concrete structure which is then covered in the materials chosen by the client. There is a headstone at the head of the grave. Materials used for covering the concrete are generally tiles, full slabs of granite or sometimes they are just left as concrete. Obviously the cost of this memorial is determined by the choice of materials. Full granite slabs are the most expensive.
Vaults are the most expensive. These can be below ground or above ground. They have full concrete structures which are manufactured off site and are then lowered or put in place by a crane. They are then covered in the material of choice. Most often this is full slabs of granite. A headstone is also required.

Although the choice between a monument and headstone is a very personal one, there are several factors that should be considered in your decision making process:

  • specific cultural or religious customs
  • any requirements as stipulated by the cemetary in which your loved one is or will be laid to rest
  • budgetary requirements

Have a look through our Gallery for our broad range of memorials and headstones Cairns.