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Memorial Accessories

Memorial Accessories

The capturing of the love, respect and memory of those who have passed is often reflected in the accessories used in a memorial. Many of the accessories available have their origins from all around the world which reflects the diversity of our population and culture in Cairns and Far North Queensland.

At FNQ All Stone Memorials we can take on your ideas or perhaps help to process and simplify the options. A personal consultation in making your choice is strongly advised. Your personal satisfaction is integral in guiding you through the choices.

Types of accessories

There are many factors to consider when selecting memorial accessories including materials, size, colours, religion, cultural background and the individual’s life achievements. We offer a comprehensive range of standard and customised accessories that can endure the effects of the
natural environment. Some of the marble and bronze products we use are from Kosmolux and Biondan. These are popular with many of our clients because of their high quality and durability.
The main accessories include:

  • Kosmolux and Biondan
  • granite vases
  • candle holders
  • custom carvings
  • photo frames
  • ceramic photos
  • headstones
  • religious symbols
  • bronze plaques
  • solar lights/lanterns
  • customised script
  • urns
container with lid
angel figurine and dry grass

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Bronze Memorial Plaque FAQ

Even in the harsh Cairns and FNQ climate, your bronze memorial plaque will last a lifetime with proper care. In time, your plaque will weather and present an ‘aged’ appearance. This is often a preferred look, however the shine will last longer with proper care.

Avoid harsh chemicals, abrasives, wire brushes and steel wool. While there are a number of bronze cleaning products on the market, warm soapy water and a cloth are the simplest cleaning items to use.